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PTFE lined stainless steel bellow hose

Author : Date : 2/6/2023 2:24:29 AM
2inch and 8inch PTFE lined stainless steel bellow hose shipped today

Stainless steel flexible metal bellow hose lined with corrugated PTFE liner and flared thru standard end fittings. Designed for applications requiring a large diameter flexible hose combining the unexcelled corrosion resistance and sanitary properties of PTFE and the durability of flexible metal hose. This bellows hose is specified and used in an endless variety of applications where the conditions of service are beyond the capabilities of rubber, synthetic or metal hose alone.
The PTFE liner is flared over each end so that the entire wetted flow path is in contact with PTFE Fluoropolymer.
We can produce ptfe lined bellow hose assemblies according to your specific length and diameter needs to connect to your piepline system.

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