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Product name : Flexible chemical composite hose assemblies
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Flexible chemical composite hose assemblies construction:
Multilayer polymer film, synthetic fabric reinforcement layer, inner and outer spiral metal wire, flange ends fittings.

Flange type flexible chemical composite hose specifications:
1. Hose size:25-350mm(1inch-14inch)
2. Inner layer metal wire material: SS304 316, galvanized steel wire, Polypropylene coating wire, Teflon coating wire, etc
3. Outer layer metal wire material: SS304 316 or galvanized steel wire
4. Inner lined layer material: Teflon, Polietilene, Nylon, PET, etc
5. Operating temperature range: from -40 to 130℃
6. Flange connect type: Swivel and fixed type flange
8. Flange standard: ANSI, JIS, DIN, GOST, GB, BS, Table E, etc
9. Composite hose length can be specical customized according to your request
Chemical composite hose features:
1. Light weight: The chemical composite hose is about 40% lighter than the rubber tube of the same diameter and length, 30% lighter than the metal tube.
2. The flexibility is good and the bending is free: the radius of curvature is 1/3 times that of the rubber tube and the metal hose. The composite hose can still work normally under a small radius of gyration. In the curved part, the tube is always round. , there will never be folding, detachment of the inner wall, blockage and cracking of the pipe body.
3. Good resistance to positive and negative pressure: The flexible composite hose has good pressure resistance. when the fluid is overpressured, it will not produce instantaneous blasting, which only causes the pipe body to creep. the maximum working pressure can reach 2.0MPa and the negative pressure can reach 0.1MPa.
4. Has good flame retardant performance: The chemical composite hose is made of good flame retardant material and has excellent flame retardant properties.
5. With reliable electrostatic discharge function: When flammable medium such as oil or chemicals flows in the pipe, certain static electricity will be generated due to factors such as pressure, flow rate, friction, etc. If the static electricity is not exported in time, it will cause a fire. the inner and outer ferrules of the composite hose are connected to the joint to ensure that the static electricity generated by the fluid is led out. When installing and using chemical hoses, as long as the end of the hose is well grounded, the static electricity can be exported at any time, which is safe and reliable.
6. Long service life: The chemical composite hose has good sealing performance, high tensile strength, aging resistance, and durability.
7. Convenient handling and transportation: The chemical hose is light in weight, and the worker’s handling strength is small; due to the joint connection form (flange, aluminum quick connector, plastic quick connector, stainless steel quick connector, etc).
8. Wide transmission medium: 95% oil, solvent, acid, alkali, normal temperature gas can pass.
9. Energy saving and environmental protection: low energy consumption in the production process, no pollution to the environment, the materials used can be recycled.
Flexible chemical composite hose assemblies applications:
flexible chemicla composite hose assemblies are used in any application that benefits from a flexible, safe and chemically resistant hose. like other hose, provides the vital flexible connection to compensate for vibration, movement, or misalignment in a fluid transfer system. It can be used for delivery or suction of fuels, oils and lubricants on tank trucks, railcars or fixed deposits. specially designed for applications in tank trucks, oil terminals, oil tankers, chemical, refinery fields and other places where hoses need to be installed, uninstalled and moved frequently.

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