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Product name : Grooved ss braided flexible pump connectors
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Grooved ss braided flexible pump connectors 

Industry quipment, such as pumps and chillers designs increasingly use grooved flexible connectors for inlets and outlets. Although the standard has been flanged in the past, manufacturers are recognizing the benefits of grooved flexible connectors, not just for pre-sale equipment testing, but also for the performance and maintenance benefits that end users will realize. The roll grooved flexible connector method is a good choice for equipment connections and for utility and process piping systems within commercial and industrial facilities.
Grooved ss braided flexible pump connectors construction:
Annular corrugated hose, braided mesh layer and roll grooved ends

Roll grooved flexible pump connectors specifications:
1. Hose size: DN20-25-32-40-50-65-80-100-125-150-200-250-300mm
2. Hose material: stainless steel 304, 316 (SS321 also available)
3. Braided mesh material: SS304 or SS316
4. Operating temperature range: -200--+500℃
5. Maximum working pressure: 0.6-14Mpa(denpend on hose size)
6. Flexible connectors length can be special customized according to user's requirements.

Roll grooved flexible pump connectors


SS braided flexible pump connectors may serve several purposes today, depending on the type of connector specified, the functions of roll grooved flexible pump connectors are as follows:
1. adjust for minimal misalignment in the piping system
2. accommodate some misalignment due to thermal expansion/contraction
3. absorb some noise
4. absorb some vibration

The ss braided flexible pump connectors are only really needed if there is a vibrating base under the pump. there are plenty of pump installations that don't have flex connectors and have no problems. It all boils down to the precise plumbing of the pump and piping. when the pump flange and pipe flange are perfectly aligned with no horizontal or vertical strain, the pump and pipe can work properly. when the piping design allows for expansion and contraction, there is no strain on the pump flange and the pump is affected. this perfect fit can be difficult to achieve, so many engineers specify the use of flexible pump connectors.
Grooved flexible pump connectors

Grooved ss braided flexible pump connectors applications:
Flexible pump connectors are designed to reduce noise and vibration from pumps and reciprocating machinery, they are suitable for use on high temperature and high pressure, low temperature and high pressure fluid medium such as chilled water, fire fighting water and steam etc.

We not only provide grooved flexible pump connectors, but also can provide flanged flexible pump connectors, stainless steel screwed pump connectors, etc.
SS Braided pump connectors

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