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Product name : High quality flexible metal hose pump connectors
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High quality flexible metal hose pump connectors

Stainless steel flexible metal hose pump connectors assemblies comprises of the hose and the end fittings, and are determined by the application in which the hose assembly is going to be placed. Compared to rubber and other materials which are used for hose pipes, stainless steel flexible pump connectors assemblies are an excellent choice for a variety of industrial usage and are suitable for the most demanding technical requirements.

 High quality flexible pump connectors
Flexible metal hose pump connectors are used to absorb pump vibration, noise and eliminate the piping stress on pumps, intended for solving pump vibrations where misalignment should be controlled within 1/8inch. pump connectors are made of an annular corrugated stainless steel hose with woven wire braid of high tensile stainless steel wire.
Stainless steel flexible metal hose pump connectors, which are designed with high performance in holding higher pressure and temperature, can absorb pump vibration, engine noise and minimize minor misalignment to reduce stress of piping system. it is extensively used in industries.
Flexible metal hose pump connector ranges from 1/2" to 4", and larger are equipped with carbon steel flanges. other fittings and specifications are tailor-made according to your requirements.
Flexible metal hose pump connectors reduce objectionable noise and vibration in piping systems connected to pumps, compressors, and similar pulsating equipment. the transmission of noise and vibration tends to reduce the efficiency of adjacent equipment as well as impairing the working conditions in offices and factories.
Flexible metal pump connectors compensate for lateral, torsional, and angular movements due to settlement, load stresses, and wearing of parts that frequently cause piping and mechanical equipment to move out of normal alignment.
ss braided flexible pump hose connectors
Flexible metal pump connectors
Flexible metal hose pump connectors specification:
1. Hose material: SS304 or SS316 (SS321 also available)
2. Hose size: 1/2inch - 4inch (12-100mm)
3. Hose type: annular corrugated
4. Connection type: male thread pipe nipples
5. Thread standard: Metric, BSP, JIC or NPT thread
6. Maximum working pressure: up to 100Bar(depending on inner hose diameter)
7. Braided mesh layer: single layer or double layers braided mesh
8. Working temperature range: -200
 to +500℃
9. Hose length can be produced according to buyer's requirements
Flexible metal hose pump connectors function:
1. Reduce the installation stress of pipeline
2. Compensation pipe position
3. Absorb the vibration of the pipeline system
Application of the flexible hose pump connectors:

Power plant
Steel mill
Nuclear installation
Fertilizer industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical industry
Boiler industry
Paper industry
Lubrication system
Steam, hot water station
Ports and ship yards

Braided flexible pump connectors

We can provide free samples of flexible metal hose pump connectors for testing.
Special customized services can also be provided.

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