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Product name : Roll grooved pipe fittings connectors
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Roll grooved pipe fittings connectors

Roll grooved pipe fittings connectors is a new type of steel pipe connection pipe fittings, also known as clamp connection technology, which has become the most preferred technology for the connection of liquid and gas pipelines. The application of grooved pipe connection technology makes complicated pipe connection simple, fast and convenient.
Grooved fittings include two major categories of products:
1. The pipe fittings that play the role of connecting and sealing include rigid joints, flexible joints, mechanical tees and grooved flanges.
2. The pipe fittings that play the role of connecting transition include elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, blind plates, etc.

The grooved connecting pipe fittings connectors that play the role of connecting and sealing are mainly composed of three parts: the sealing rubber ring, the clamp and the locking bolt. 

The rubber seal ring located in the inner layer is placed on the outside of the connected pipe and fits with the pre-rolled groove, and then buckle the clamp on the outside of the rubber ring, and then fasten it with two bolts. Because its rubber sealing ring and clamp adopt a unique sealable structural design, the grooved connector has good sealing performance, and as the fluid pressure in the pipe increases, its sealing performance is correspondingly enhanced.
Roll grooved pipe fittings connectors advantages:
1. The installation speed is fast, the pipe can be automatically aligned through the clamp parts, the construction efficiency can be greatly improved, and the pipeline installation period can be effectively shortened.
2. Safe and reliable, the sealing ring of the inner cavity of the clamp plays a role of holding the pipe tightly, realizing a self-tightening seal, the greater the internal pressure, the better the seal, and the nominal pressure of the pipe fitting can be as high as 2.5MPa.
3. Easy to install. the grooved pipe fittings need to be fastened with a small number of bolts, and the operation is convenient. The connection operation of the grooved pipe fittings is very simple, no special professional skills are required, and ordinary workers can operate after simple training.
4. It is not restricted by the installation site and is easy to maintain. t
he grooved pipe fittings can be pre-assembled first, and can be adjusted arbitrarily before the bolts are locked. The piping sequence is non-directional. It can be operated in relatively small working spaces and places. Only two joints need to be removed for maintenance. It can be cleaned and replaced.
5. The system has good stability and easy maintenance, the connection method of grooved pipe fittings has unique flexibility characteristics, which makes the pipeline anti-vibration, anti-shrinkage and expansion ability. Compared with welding and flange connection, the stability of the pipeline system is increased, and it is more suitable for temperature changes to protect The pipeline valve parts are also reduced, and the damage to the structural parts caused by the pipeline stress is also reduced. Because the connection operation of the grooved pipe fittings is simple, the required operation space is reduced, which brings many convenient conditions for future maintenance.

Application of the roll grooved pipe fittings connectors:
As an advanced pipe connection method, grooved pipe fittings are divided into rigid joints and flexible joints, which have a wide range of applications.
it can be used for fire fighting water system, air conditioning cold and hot water system, water supply system, petrochemical pipeline system, thermal power and military pipeline system, sewage treatment pipeline system, etc.

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