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Product name : SS flexible hose with Nylon rope lagging layer
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SS flexible hose with Nylon rope lagging layer is composed of corrugated flexible hose, braided mesh cover layer, Nylon lagging cover layer and joint. It is produced by DINGHONG company a professional flexible metal hose facotry in china, as compensation element, sealing element, connecting element and shock absorber in various gas and liquid pipeline systems and length, temperature, position and angle compensation systems, it is applied in aerospace, petrochemical industry, mine electronics, mechanical shipbuilding, medical and health, textile electronics, energy construction and other fields.

SS flexible hose technical data:
1 Hose material: SS304, SS316 or SS321 (SS201 also available)
2 Hose size: 1/4inch -16inch (6-400mm)
3 Hose type: annular or spiral corrugated
4 Connection type: Thread, Flange, Quick coupling, etc
5 Thread standard: Metric, JIC, BSP or NPT thread
6 Maximum working pressure: 200Bar
7 Braided mesh layer: single layer or double layers braided mesh
8 Working temperature range: -200
℃ ~ +500℃
9 Hose length: according to buyer's requirements.

Flexible hose with Nylon rope lagging layer advantages:

Long lasting
High wear resistance
High pressure resistant
Corrosion resistant
High temperature resistant
High physical strength
Resistant to penetration and damage
High safety factor

Flexible hose with Nylon rope lagging layer applications:
Mainly used in Cryogenics and refrigeration, Food industry, Edible oil industry, Chemical industry,
Medical industry, Dairy industry, Wine making industry, Marine, Steel mills, Power station,
Agro-and Petro-chemical, Heating and ventilation, Paper and pulp industry, Water or waste water treatment industry, Palm oil industry, Boiler industry's fluid piping system.

Provide free samples of ss flexible hose for testing.
Certificate of Origin, inspection certificate and material certificate can be provided.
The minimum order quantity of ss flexible hose with Nylon rope lagging layer is 1 pcs.

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