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Product name : Stainless steel 304 braided ptfe teflon hose
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Stainless steel 304 braided ptfe teflon hose

Braided ptfe teflon hose comprises a straight PTFE hose liner and single or two layer stainless steel braid mesh cover, and is the basic PTFE hose design being used successfully in many automotive, fluid handling, chemical transfer, paint, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, cosmetics and general-purpose applications. The hose core is made from virgin 100% PTFE resin without any pigment or additive. the wire braiding is produced from AISI 304, 301 or 316 stainless steel wire. Anti-static(carbon) version of all hoses are available.
Stainless steel braided ptfe teflon hose characteristics:
Weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, not aging
Not viscous, the wall is not any residual adhesive material.
Electricity reliability, high insulation
Braided teflon hoses

Braided ptfe hoses
Corrosion Resistant:
PTFE is fully resistant to the broadest range of industrial chemicals and has a zero corrosion rate with lower life cycle costs.
Non-Stick, low porosity tube is self cleaning and does not trap bacteria and can be cleaned with steam, detergents, caustics or solvents.
High lubrication: 
The lowest coefficient of friction of solid material.
FDA approved materials meet or exceed Pharmacopoeia Class VI and 3A standards.
Will not contaminate or impart taste, color, or odor to any media.
Ultra flexible engineered design that resists cracking and stress corroding.
Engineered for extended use in hostile environments involving severe chemical, thermal, and mechanical stresses. Does not suffer from aging or embrittlement like rubber, even with extreme thermal cycling.
PTFE teflon hose technical data:
1. PTFE hose diameter: 1/8"-3"(DN3-76mm)
2. Hose type: smooth or convoluted bore
3. Braided wire material: SS304 or 201, cotton wire, etc.
4. Maximum working temperature: 260℃
   Continuous temperature-resistant range: -50℃ ~ + 210℃
   Transient temperature-resistant range: -70℃ ~ +260℃
5. Maximum working pressure: up to 260Bar(depending on inner diameter)
6. Hose length: 6-100m/roll or as your request

wire braided teflon hose
Stainless steel braided PTFE teflon hose application:
Mainly used in Aero space and transportation technology, Electronics, Components and Insulators, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Food Processing, Environmental Sciences, Air Sampling, Fluid Transfer Devices and Water Processing Systems.

ss braided ptfe hose assembly
Braided teflon hose assemblies

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